Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thank you volunteers

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Tuesday, March 2, 2012


At last night’s 2012 Annual Meeting and Volunteer Awards Banquet, the Grand Traverse Bay YMCA Board of Directors recognized the outstanding service of people in the advancement of the mission of the YMCA. Cherryland Electric Cooperative was the event sponsor and winner of the YMCA’s Social Responsibility Award.

“Without the critical contribution of time, talents, and treasure by 438 volunteers giving some 29,896 hours of service, we could not accomplish all that we do in our 65 different programs,” said Tom Van Deinse, CEO. “The dollar value of their donated time exceeds $638,000.  If we had to pay directly for those volunteered services, we could not function as a Y, and we could not carry out our mission to put Judeo-Christian principals into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.”

Major award winners were Marc Judge (Board Volunteer of the Year), Dagny Monette and Don Spalla (Employees of the Year), Rich Roman (YMCA Youth Development Award), Diane Roach (YMCA Healthy Living Award), Rob and Phyllis Foster (Hank Johnson Philanthropy Award), and Al Crocker (Program Volunteer of the Year).

The YMCA’s commitment to strong kids, strong families and strong communities, was exemplified in these awards: Norah Galton (YMCA Strong Kid Award), Eric and Courtney Whinnery Family (YMCA Strong Family Award), Don and Gerry Oleson (YMCA Strong Communities Award).

Key volunteers in the success of the Grand Traverse Bay YMCA’s capital campaign were also recognized.  Paul Schmuckal was named this year’s Dave and Beth Howard Y Champion, and the YMCA’s Lifetime Mission Award was given to the New Y campaign steering committee members, Adam Maas, Brett McGreaham, Dylan Davis, Greg Williams, Hank Johnson, Henry Peet, Jeanne Snow, Kim Pontius, Lynn Schultz, Marc Judge, and Dave Eitland.

The YMCA was also pleased to acknowledge the service of volunteers of their “150 Club” who gave over 150 hours of service to the organization last year. Honorees were Paul Bandrowski, Josh and Al Crocker, John and Laura Emery, Mike and Jeanette Ewing, Scott and Lisa Hoogerhyde, James and Nicole Humphreys, Hank and Sue Johnson, Marc and Kym Judge, Corey and Melissa Ostrum, Tina Piotrowski, Kim Pontius, Lynn Schultz, Mark and Jayna Steffel, Rita Whaley, Greg Williams, and Matt and Sara Wilson.

The Grand Traverse Bay YMCA annual meeting was also held in conjunction with this volunteer recognition event. Mike Carroll and Doug Cook were elected as new board members, while Jill Jones, Tina Piotrowski, John Russell, and Ron Williamson we reelected to new three year terms.